STRIPPED! screening and posters at Comic-Con


The documentary of the fall of the cartoon newspaper strip with an exclusive interview with Bill Watterson will be screened this Friday at the Comic-Con Film Festival. Not only that but there will be limited posters of the movie drawn by Bill Watterson himself.


Flying around Arma 3 style!

Galaxoid and friends ambush some bloody russkies in Takistan.

☆ Iron Giant ☆(PS I’m totally wigging’ out right now)

☆ Iron Giant 

(PS I’m totally wigging’ out right now)

Sinbad playing poker with Pinocchio

Tumblr PS Vita app

For those of you in need for a Tumblr app on PS Vita. The PS mobile app Light Blogging by Sun Pengfei is the closest thing to it and its only 79 cents =)


In case you didnt know or havent downloaded them yet. Super Street Fighter IV & Charlie Murder are free with Xbox Live’s Games with Gold. Also it would be smart to upgrade Street Fighter to Ultra for just $15. Profit = You. First. Collect underpants. Second. ? … Third. Profit.

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The scene everyone is talking about. Evan Peters is Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past, now playing in theaters.

If cartoon pets were real…

If cartoon pets were real…

Willem Dafoe makes a guest appearance in Arma 2.